Applying for a suitability assessment for lateral entrants to the teaching profession

If you want to be a teacher, but previously were in a different profession, then you can enter the teaching profession as a zij-instromer (lateral entrant). To do this, you must take a suitability assessment to prove that you have the appropriate prior training and experience.

Last updated on 15 August 2022

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Requirements for lateral entrants

You must meet the requirements for lateral entrants (in Dutch). A prerequisite is that you have tertiary qualifications. In addition, you must take a suitability assessment, which may include a practical assignment. The suitability assessment should show:

  • that you are competent to stand directly in front of a class;
  • that you are able to obtain a teaching qualification within 2 years.

Did you pass the suitability assessment? Then you will receive a geschiktheidsverklaring voor zij-instromers (declaration of suitability for lateral entrants). Then you are allowed to teach and follow training at the same time.

Applying for the suitability assessment

Applications for taking the suitability assessment can be made via a teacher training college. The school where you want to work may also be able to help you apply.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

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