Applying for the services of a sign language interpreter or speech-to-text reporter

Are you hard of hearing and need the services of a speech-to-text reporter or an interpreter? For example, for your education, your work or in a private situation. If so, you can apply to UWV (the Employee Insurance Agency) for free-of-charge communication support for a certain number of hours per year.

Last updated on 1 July 2023

Communication support for different situations

You can apply for communication support (in Dutch):

  • if you are in education. For example, you might need a language service professional in order to understand the course content;
  • if you are in work or looking for work. For example, at a job interview;
  • if you are visiting a doctor or getting married.

Hearing test required to access communication support

To assess your application for communication support, UWV will need the result of your hearing test. This is called an audiogram.

Have you previously received a communication support allowance from UWV? If so, you do not need to send this test result.

Applying to UWV for communication support

Applications for communication support are made to UWV. UWV assesses your application and, if it is accepted, determines how many communication support hours you will receive for free per year.

Arranging communication support via Tolkcontact

UWV works together with Tolkcontact. UWV will notify Tolkcontact of how many communication support hours you are entitled to. Tolkcontact then helps you find a language service professional. Once UWV has told you how many communication support hours you are entitled to, you can make the arrangements to obtain the services of a language service professional.

Visit Tolkcontact’s website to find out how to arrange communication support (in Dutch).

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Participatiewet, artikel 10g

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