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Video sustainable healthcare

Video | 28-01-2020

Speech by Prime Minister Mark Rutte at the National Commemoration at the Auschwitz Monument, Amsterdam

Speech | 26-01-2020

Email code of conduct for governmental bodies

This email code of conduct sets out how governmental bodies should carry out activities relating to receiving, responding to and ...

Regulation | 23-01-2020

Video: 'The Only Way is Up' conference

Living wages and incomes are a human right - but someone has to pay for them. ... That's why we're all here today. So that ...

Video | 23-01-2020

Is entering into a sham marriage a criminal offence?

If you enter into a sham marriage, you are committing a criminal offence.

Question and answer

State of consular affairs - 2019 edition

The consular world is dynamic and continues to develop as we achieve progress and results. The 2019 edition of State of Consular ...

Report | 15-01-2020

The Dutch-Sino East Africa Bamboo Development Programme 2016/2017 - 2018/2019 – Programme Evaluation Report

This evaluation assesses the Dutch-Sino East Africa Bamboo Development Programme's achievements, effectiveness, efficiency, ...

Report | 12-01-2020

Statement on Recent Developments in Iraq

The Netherlands condemns the attacks by armed groups in recent weeks against the Global Coalition against ISIS in Iraq. Coalition ...

Diplomatic statement | 02-01-2020

Mid-Term Evaluation: Supporting the Sustainability of Community Policing in Papua, Papua Barat and Maluku

This report evaluates the effectiveness of the project Supporting the Sustainability of Community Policing in Papua, Papua Barat, ...

Report | 31-12-2019

Country of Origin Information Report Syria (December 2019)

This thematic country of origin information report describes Syrian documents, insofar as these are important for the assessment ...

Report | 31-12-2019