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Representations: Serbia


Embassy of the Republic Serbia ('s-Gravenhage)


Rosenthal: ‘Opportunities for Dutch companies in Serbia’

Now that Serbia has agreed to comply with the rules of the EU internal market, Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal sees ...

News item | 16-12-2011 | 16:39

Verhagen to visit Serbia

Foreign minister Maxime Verhagen is visiting Serbia today. He will have talks in the capital, Belgrade, with President Boris ...

News item | 16-12-2009 | 00:00

Visit of minister Verhagen to Serbia postponed

The visit of minister Verhagen to Serbia has been postponed. The discussions on the relations with the Netherlands and the ...

News item | 09-07-2009 | 10:44

Closer cooperation with Serbia on agriculture

The Netherlands is to cooperate more closely with Serbia on agricultural matters. This has been agreed by the Dutch Minister for ...

News item | 08-09-2011 | 11:30

The Netherland urges Serbia to cooperate fully with the Yugoslavia tribunal

During discussions in The Hague on Friday, foreign minister Maxime Verhagen informed his Serbian counterpart Vuk Jeremic that the ...

News item | 20-11-2007 | 16:47

Verhagen: ‘strict but fair with Serbia’

The Netherlands will continue with its strict but fair approach to Serbia’s integration into the European Union. This was foreign ...

News item | 16-12-2009 | 00:00

Serbia must cooperate fully with the ICTY, says Verhagen

Speaking yesterday in the House of Representatives, foreign minister Maxime Verhagen reiterated the Netherlands’ stance that ...

News item | 25-04-2008 | 11:25

Serbia must do more, says Verhagen

The Stabilisation and Association Agreement between the European Union and Serbia will not enter into force for the time being. ...

News item | 15-09-2008 | 13:32