Applying for an export licence for cultural goods

You are not permitted to export cultural goods (art and antiques) outside the European Union (EU). You are also not permitted to use postal services or courier companies to do this. You will need an uitvoervergunning cultuurgoederen (export licence for cultural goods) to do so.

Last updated on 14 April 2022

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Examples of works of art and antiques

Cultural goods for which you may need to apply for an uitvoervergunning cultuurgoederen include:

  • paintings;
  • prints;
  • mosaics;
  • old documents and books;
  • archaeological objects;
  • manuscripts;
  • geographical maps;
  • archives;
  • articles of goldsmiths’ or silversmiths’ wares;
  • furniture.

Role of the Douane and the Inspectie Overheidsinformatie en Erfgoed in the export of cultural goods

The Inspectie Overheidsinformatie en Erfgoed (Information and Heritage Inspectorate) in cooperation with the Belastingdienst (Tax and Customs Administration) / Douane (Customs) issues licences for the export of cultural goods outside the EU (in Dutch). The Inspectie Overheidsinformatie en Erfgoed has a brochure explaining the rules and how to apply for an export licence.

Applying for an uitvoervergunning cultuurgoederen

You can apply to the Belastingdienst/Douane for an uitvoervergunning cultuurgoederen (in Dutch).

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Erfgoedwet, artikel 4.23

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