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  1. Brexit – posters new rules partnership EU-UK 2021

    The United Kingdom left the European Union. In 2020 the EU and the UK reached an agreement on their new partnership. It sets out ...

    Publication | 15-02-2021

  2. I’m British. Which provisions of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement are important when doing business in the Netherlands?

    Arrangements about temporary entry for short-term business trips and temporary secondments of skilled employees.

    Question and answer

  3. The new EU-UK partnership in documents from the European Commission

    Read about the new EU-UK partnership in these documents from the European Commission.

    Publication | 25-12-2020

  4. Can I travel to the UK with an ID card after Brexit or do I need a passport?

    From 1 October 2021 you need a valid passport to travel to the United Kingdom (UK)

    Question and answer

  5. Graphic overview of Brexit preparations in the Netherlands

    This overview gives a summary of central government’s preparations, or readiness plans, for various areas. During the transition ...

    Publication | 02-10-2020

  6. Are mobile calls and data more expensive in the UK after Brexit?

    Call and data charges will not change before 31 December 2020.

    Question and answer

  7. As a British citizen, do I need a work permit to work in the Netherlands?

    If you were already living and working in the Netherlands on 1 January 2021 and were registered in the Basisregistratie Personen ...

    Question and answer

  8. I want to move back to the Netherlands from the UK. What do I need to arrange?

    Find out below what you need to arrange in relation to your home, job and family if you decide to move back to the Netherlands ...

    Question and answer

  9. I hold dual nationality (Dutch and another nationality) and I live in the United Kingdom. How will Brexit affect me?

    You could automatically lose your Dutch nationality. To keep your Dutch nationality, you need to make sure you always apply for a ...

    Question and answer

  10. Can I bring family members to live with me in the UK after Brexit?

    If you live in the UK, under current rules you can bring your spouse and children to the UK to live with you.

    Question and answer

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