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Will I still receive Dutch social security benefits after Brexit?

Yes. British citizens who have right of residence in the Netherlands are entitled to equal treatment in matters of social ...

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Will I still have access to Dutch healthcare after Brexit?

Yes. Access to healthcare is not dependent on nationality.

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I’m a British citizen living in the Netherlands. After Brexit, will I still be entitled to the pension I have built up in the Netherlands?

Yes. Accrued pension entitlements are not dependent on nationality. 

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Am I required to register in the Netherlands before or after Brexit?

After Brexit, all citizens of the United Kingdom and their family members living in the Netherlands must apply for a residence ...

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As a British citizen, can I apply for Dutch citizenship?

Yes, you can become Dutch by naturalisation or the ‘option procedure’. 

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Can I acquire Dutch nationality and keep my British nationality?

In some cases, yes. If you apply for Dutch nationality through the ‘option procedure’ instead of the naturalisation procedure, it ...

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Will I have to comply with Dutch civic integration requirements when Britain leaves the EU?

No, if you live in the Netherlands now and keep your right of residence, you will not have to comply with civic integration ...

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I have dual nationality (Dutch and British). How will Brexit affect me?

You will automatically lose your Dutch nationality if you live outside the European Union for 10 years without interruption and ...

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Will I be able to bring family members to the Netherlands after Brexit?

Are you a British national living in the Netherlands? Then you can bring your spouse and your children to the Netherlands. It ...

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Can I still live and work in the Netherlands after Brexit?

Yes, you can stay in the Netherlands and continue to work here. Your right of residence and your right to work in the Netherlands ...

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