Capital transfer tax rates

Capital transfer tax on homes is 2%. On other immovable property, like commercial buildings, it is 6%.

Capital transfer tax on residential property

Capital transfer tax is 2% for a:

  • home;
  • garden;
  • garage;
  • shed.

This rate applies even if you buy any of the other property after you buy the home. The amount the conveyance duty is based on varies, depending on the situation.

Capital transfer tax on non-residential property

Capital transfer tax on all non-residential property is 6%. If a property is used for business and residential purposes, both rates will be used to calculate the ammount due.

Reduced capital transfer tax on resales

Capital transfer tax is reduced if you buy a home or commercial building and resell the property within 6 months. In that case capital transfer tax is only payable on the increase in value.