Do I have to pay towards the cost of social support under the WMO?

If you are 18 or over you will have to pay towards the cost of social support at home under the Social Support Act (WMO 2015). The Central Administrative Office (CAK) collects own contributions for customised support services. How much you pay depends on your income, assets, age and family situation. If the client is under the age of 18 your municipality may only charge you own contribution for the costs of necessary alterations to your home.

Amount of own contribution to be paid under WMO 2015

How much you have to pay depends on:

  • your age
  • whether you have a partner
  • the joint income and assets of you and your partner
  • the services you receive.

Maximum own contribution

The CAK will calculate how much your own contribution is for each 4-week period, on the basis of information about your income, age and domestic situation. Your own contribution charged will never be higher than the actual cost of the services provided. Your own contribution may be lower than the maximum calculated by the CAK if the actual cost of the services provided is lower too.

No own contribution payable to health insurer

You do not need to contribute towards the cost of nursing and personal care provided through your health insurer.

Multiple own contributions

Households never have to pay more own contribution than the maximum calculated by the CAK. This maximum also applies if you have to pay own contributions for different kinds of care. For instance, if your partner receives long-term care under the Chronic Care Act (WLZ) and you yourself receive care under the WMO 2015, the contributions for these types of care must fall within the maximum own contribution for your household.