How can I get nursing and personal care at home?

Your basic health insurance package covers nursing and personal care at home. You do not have to pay a contribution towards the costs yourself. The district nurse will discuss with you what care you need, and may also consult your family doctor on the matter.

Do you want to apply for home-based nursing and personal care?

You do not need a referral from your doctor to apply for nursing care or personal care. However, many people will already have talked with their doctor in detail about their care needs. You may contact a care provider yourself to arrange nursing or personal care at home. Such care is provided by nurses or other qualified care workers.

District nurses often work for a home care organisation. You can get advice on choosing a care provider from:

  • your municipality;
  • your municipality’s neighbourhood social support team (which can help you with a wide range of questions on, for example, work, income, parenting and home help);
  • your doctor;
  • a liaison nurse (a nurse who is responsible for ensuring you get the right kind of care after you leave hospital).

What is home-based nursing and personal care?

This is nursing and personal care provided at home, such as help with washing, dressing, going to the toilet or changing bandages. District nurses provide medical care, such as preparing and giving you your medication. They will also make arrangements with your municipality regarding your care, welfare and accommodation.

District nurse arranges care

Your doctor or district nurse will discuss with you what you are still able to do for yourself and what nursing and personal care you need. Your health insurer will pay for this care. The district nurse will help you arrange the care, together with your family or friends and with other professional care providers, such as your family doctor, medical specialist or social worker.