Investing in the Caribbean Netherlands

The Dutch government has made €30 million available for investment in Bonaire, Saba and St Eustatius. The purpose of the funds is to stimulate the economy in the Caribbean Netherlands, for example through infrastructure projects and poverty reduction.

Projects by island

The funding is being used for the following projects:


  • port construction and development;
  • development of the agricultural sector.


  • sustainable energy supply;
  • encouraging the construction of social housing;
  • drafting plans for agricultural development;
  • improving the abattoir;
  • promoting job placement via a job centre;
  • strengthening synergies between education and the labour market.

St Eustatius

On St Eustatius the problem of soil erosion is being tackled.

Starting projects on Bonaire

The investment funds can be deployed only if the island’s administration is characterised by good governance and sound financial management. The State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations has consulted with Bonaire’s executive council about how governance and management on the island can be improved, and this has been laid down in a voluntary agreement. Arrangements have been made concerning good governance, sound financial management and strengthening the policy implementation capacity of the Public Body of Bonaire. Further arrangements have been made on policy themes important to both the public body and Dutch central government. These include poverty reduction, construction of social housing, road building and child-care facilities. The conclusion of the voluntary agreement was a condition of Bonaire’s gaining access to this funding. All projects must be underpinned by detailed plans on spending and implementation.