Accessing the National Childcare Register (Landelijk Register Kinderopvang, LRK)

The National Childcare Register contains a list of registered childcare facilities, including childcare centres and childminders. Registered in this case means that the childcare facilities have been approved by the municipality and the Municipal Health Services (GGD).

Last updated on 6 December 2021

Searching the National Childcare Register

You can search for a childcare facility (in Dutch) in the National Childcare Register. The register allows you to search by:

  • details of the childcare facility such as the name or place name;
  • the registration number;
  • the proprietor/owner of the childcare facility (trading name and Chamber of Commerce number).

Childcare benefit only for registered childcare facilities

You will only receive childcare benefit (in Dutch) if your child attends a registered childcare facility that is listed in the National Childcare Register.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Law on childcare

Decree on the national childcare register, the register of foreign childcare and the personal childcare register

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