I dispatch international drivers to the Netherlands. Do I have to report them?

If you transport goods between 2 points in the Netherlands (cabotage) or if you load or unload freight in the Netherlands as part of an international journey, you must report your drivers in the online reporting system. However, you only need to do this once a year.

In the case of transit, with no freight being loaded or unloaded in the Netherlands, your drivers do not need to be reported.

Self-employed international lorry drivers

If you are a self-employed lorry driver, you must also report temporary work in the Netherlands if you do not normally work here.

More information about transport sector collective agreements

You can get more information about collective agreements in the freight transport sector from the Vervoersbond Naleving cao Beroepsgoederenvervoer (VNB), the association that monitors the implementation of collective agreements in the freight transport sector.