Who should provide notification of foreign workers in the case of subcontracting?

As a service provider, each foreign company provides notification of its own employees in the online notification portal. The client is the company that has a contract with the service provider. In the case of subcontracting, this can be a foreign company. Subcontracting occurs when a foreign company contracts another company to do a job for its client in the Netherlands.

Example of subcontracting involving foreign workers

Foreign company A is building a bridge for Dutch client or company B. Company A contracts another foreign company C to do the welding work for B’s bridge. Each foreign company (A and C) must provide notification of its own personnel. Company A provides notification of its employees in the Netherlands and Dutch client B must check the notification. Since C has a contract with A, company A is the service recipient. This is because C is providing its services to A, even though it is sending its employees to work on B’s bridge. It is therefore the foreign company A that must check the notification.