Training and career

The Dutch Association of Mayors (NGB) offers training to support mayors in their work. Mayors’ performance is discussed in performance reviews with municipal councils. In these interviews, mayors discuss past agreements about their work and draw up new ones.

Training courses

The Dutch Association of Mayors (NGB) offers training courses for mayors. They include an introductory course for new mayors and a course on dealing with threats. There is a particular focus on the role mayors play in ensuring public order and safety. The association’s website (in Dutch) lists all their training courses.


The NGB organises peer supervision meetings where mayors can come together to share experience. More information on these meetings can be found in the brochure ‘Peer Supervision for Mayors: A Guide to Conduct in Office’. This document describes what peer supervision is and what participants can expect from such a meeting.

Performance reviews

At least every other year , the mayor and municipal council come together to carry out a performance review. They review one another’s work and the agreements they have made. The aim of the review is to strengthen cooperation between the mayor and the council. It is the council’s responsibility to initiate performance reviews. More information on performance reviews can be found in the Mayoral performance review guide.


The NGB has a career orientation programme to give mayors guidance and advice and raise their awareness of their career options.