Am I covered by the Long-term care act (WLZ)?

If you live and work in the Netherlands you will always be insured for the costs of long-term care. You are also obliged to take out Dutch health insurance. The Long-term care act (WLZ) regulates how you are insured and what kind of care you are eligible for. It also sets the conditions that care must meet in order to be funded from the public purse.

WLZ premium

Your WLZ premium is a fixed percentage of your income. It is automatically deducted from your wages or benefits.

If you are not in salaried employment and do not receive benefits you must pay your WLZ premium to the tax authorities yourself. You will be sent a tax demand showing how much you have to pay.

Living and working abroad

If you live and work abroad and pay taxes there, you will not usually be insured under the Long-term care act. The same applies if you live in the Netherlands but work abroad. If your Dutch employer has sent you to work in another country, you will generally be covered by the Long-term care act.