How can I apply for a WLZ care needs assessment?

You must apply to the Care Needs Assessment Centre (CIZ) for a WLZ care needs assessment. The CIZ will check whether you meet the conditions set in the legislation. One basic requirement is that you need constant supervision or care close at hand 24 hours a day.

Applying for a WLZ care needs assessment

The CIZ website explains how you can apply for a WLZ care needs assessment (in Dutch). In order to decide on your application, the CIZ will need to collect information about you, your health and others in your household.

The CIZ assesses whether someone is eligible for long-term residential care. It uses objective criteria, so that everyone is assessed in the same way, no matter where they live. The CIZ will always interview you in person.

Getting help with your application for a WLZ care needs assessment

You are entitled to get help from an independent client support worker in completing the application form. This service is provided free of charge by your municipality. Contact them for more information.

 If you prefer, you can of course also ask someone else to help you, like a relative or your representative.

Decision on your WLZ care needs assessment

Even if you are eligible for care under the Long-term care act, the CIZ will want to know what you can still do for yourself and what help you are getting from family, friends and neighbours. The CIZ will use this information to decide on the most appropriate care needs package for you. It gives a general indication of how many hours of care you need and what kind of care.

The CIZ will send its decision to your regional care administration office. The office will contact you to help you find a care provider, and make detailed arrangements about what care you will be given and how. These arrangements will be recorded in your care and support plan. You are entitled to get help from an independent client support worker in this process too. Care administration offices must make sure this support is available.

If you are not eligible for care under the WLZ

If the CIZ says you do not qualify for care under the Long-term care act, but you disagree with this decision, you can lodge an objection (bezwaar) with the CIZ (website in Dutch).

You can also ask for an interview with your municipality’s social support services (‘WMO-loket’). They will discuss your needs with you, and see whether you can arrange this care yourself or with the help of friends and family. If not, you may be eligible for support from your municipality under the 2015 Social Support Act.

If you do not need constant care and supervision, but just a few hours of nursing and personal care at home, you should contact your health insurer to arrange this. Your district nurse can help you.

Reassessment if your care needs change

If, after a time, the care you are getting based on the care needs assessment is no longer enough, you can ask the CIZ or your care provider to reassess you. The same applies if you feel you are getting more care than you need.

Transitional arrangements for people with an AWBZ care needs assessment

Most of the transitional arrangements for people who used to get care based on the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ) ended on 1 January 2016. They now fall under other schemes. The transitional scheme has been extended to the end of 2016 for a small group of vulnerable people. For more information see the special website on WLZ transitional arrangements (in Dutch).