I have a WLZ care needs assessment for residential care. Can I be cared for at home instead?

If you have a care needs assessment for residential care you may choose to stay at home, but only if home care is practicable in your situation. It is the job of your care administration office to assess this.

Home care options

If you do not want to live in a residential care setting, the care administration office will discuss the different options for home care that are available to you. These are:

  • Full home care package (VPT)

    With a full home care package, a care provider will provide you with all the care and support you need in your own home. This is specified in your WLZ care needs assessment. It includes meals, domestic work and outings – the same care and support you would have if you lived in an institution. You have to pay the rent or mortgage on your home yourself.
  • Modular home care package (MPT)

    You can also get some of your care from a care provider and make your own arrangements for the rest. Or you can have different providers for the different types of care and support. This is known as a modular home care package. It does not include meals. As with the full home care package, you must pay the rent or mortgage on your home yourself.
  • Personal budget (PGB)

    A personal budget allows you to make your own care arrangements and choose your own care provider. However, it must be practicable for the provider to deliver the required care at home. And there are conditions about, for example, the quality of care. Your personal budget is managed by the Social Insurance Bank (SVB), but you (or your representative) must be able to fulfil all the responsibilities that go with having a personal budget. You must sign the contract with your care provider, and the SVB will make sure your care provider is paid from your budget. The PGB money is not deposited into your bank account.

The addresses of the regional care administration offices can be found on the Zorgverzekeraars Nederland website (in Dutch).