What care can I get under the Long-term care act (WLZ)?

A care needs assessment for long-term care entitles you to an appropriate place in a residential care setting. You may also continue to live at home if you wish, provided home care is practicable in your situation. It is the job of your care administration office to assess this.

Care under the Long-term care act (WLZ)

Care under the WLZ may include:

  • a place in a care home or nursing home
  • personal care and nursing
  • any necessary medical care associated with your condition, disability or disorder
  • general medical care (GP)
  • any medical devices required in the context of the care provided by the institution
  • patient transport to the treatment or care centre.

If you have a long-term care needs assessment, you are not eligible for customised social support from your municipality (WMO 2015).