What transitional arrangements apply to people receiving long-term care under the AWBZ?

Since 1 January 2016 most of the people who used to get care under the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ) fall under other schemes. The transitional arrangements have been extended for a small group of people.

Which transitional schemes have been extended?

The special website on WLZ transitional arrangements (in Dutch) explains which transitional schemes still apply for people who had an AWBZ care needs assessment before the WLZ came into force. The transitional arrangements that have been extended cover :

  • psychiatric patients living in sheltered housing
  • people living in ADL group housing (specially adapted, wheelchair-accessible, single-level housing) who need assistance with all activities of daily living
  • have a care needs assessment for residential care but still live at home
  • people with an AWBZ care needs assessment that did not specify the intensity of care needed (the ‘Wlz-indiceerbaren’ scheme).