Everything you need to know about eIDAS

You may want to manage your online affairs with a public service provider in another European Economic Area (EEA) country. This page answers frequently asked questions about the European electronic identification (eID) system.

What is eIDAS?

eIDAS is short for ‘Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services’. eIDAS was launched to help remove digital borders between countries in the EEA, while ensuring the security of digital systems and protecting people’s privacy.

There are various national eID schemes. In the Netherlands the national eID is called DigiD. Once a national electronic identification scheme has been recognised at European level, it can be used in other EEA countries. This is set out in the EU’s eIDAS Regulation. 

What is European eID?

If you want to manage your online affairs with a public service provider in another EEA country you can use a national form of electronic identification (eID) recognised at European level. Recognised Dutch forms of eID are DigiD and eHerkenning. This means you can use either of these to submit your tax return to the Austrian tax authority, for example. Or see how much pension you are entitled to from your Belgian pension fund. 

Similarly, you can use a recognised eID from another EEA country to manage your online affairs in the Netherlands. For example, you can use the Belgian eID ‘itsme’ to log in on the website of the Dutch Social Insurance Bank (SVB) or Tax Administration. 

How can I manage my online affairs using an eID issued in another country?

To manage your online affairs in the Netherlands, go to the website of the relevant public service provider. Click the European eID button. This button may have another name, for example ‘Log in with eIDAS’, ‘Log in with European digital identity’ or ‘European login’.

Enlarge image European login voorbeeld inlogknop
Example of a European eID button.

You will see the flag and name of each country. Select your country to log in.

Enlarge image Afbeelding landenoverzicht European login
Overview of countries and flags, like you will see before logging in.

Next you will see which eIDs you can use and how you can log in. Once you are logged in you can manage your online affairs. If you have questions about the eID you want to use, or you are unable to log in and need help, contact the helpdesk for the eID in question.

Video: Taking care of your personal business online using eIDAS across borders

Watch some examples how eIDAS can help you taking care of your personal business online.

This is Pierre, 22 years old.
He lives in Belgium and would like to study abroad in the Netherlands.
In order to do so, he first has to sort out a few administrative matters.
Such as filing a request for application at the university of his choice.
He wants to do this online, with his own national login means...
in a secure and reliable way.
eIDAS makes this possible.
eIDAS is a European regulation...
which allows citizens to use their national login means...
to manage online affairs in other countries in the European Economic Area.
And it works the other way around too!
Jessica is temporarily living and working in Sweden.
The Swedish Tax Agency offers the option for logging in...
with an European approved digital identity...
which also allows her to file her tax return online.
And so managing affairs online and across borders...
using an European approved login means...
is safe and secure for Pierre, Jessica and many others.

How can I get an eID?

Each country has its own procedure for applying for a national eID. EEA countries are free to decide who can use their national eID. To find out if and how you can get a national eID, go to the relevant website.

Can someone else arrange my online affairs using an eID?

Contact the organisation that issues your national eID to find out if someone else can manage your online affairs on your behalf. Please note: you should never share your personal login details with someone else.