Registering in the Basisregistratie Personen (BRP) as a non-resident

If you have moved to the Netherlands and intend to stay for less than 4 months, you can register as a non-resident in the Basisregistratie Personen – BRP (Personal Records Database). You will then be listed in the Register voor Niet-Ingezetenen – RNI (Non-residents Records Database). You can register at a municipality that has a desk for non-residents.  

Last updated on 5 October 2021

Obtaining your Burgerservicenummer after registering in the RNI

After registering in the RNI you will be given a Burgerservicenummer – BSN (citizen service number). You will need this in any dealings you have with the Government, such as when managing your tax affairs.

Registering with a municipality that has a non-residents desk

If you want to register in the RNI there are 19 municipalities that have a non-residents desk. You can make an appointment with them to register. You can choose which non-residents desk you wish to visit. If you are bringing your partner and/or children with you to the Netherlands and you want to register them in the RNI too, they must also come with you to the appointment.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

  • Act on the Basic Registration of Persons, Articles 2.19, 2.20, 2.38 and 2.39 
  • Decree on the Personal Records Database, Articles 21, 22, 23 and 29(1) 

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