After VMBO

After completing VMBO, pupils can go on to further training or education, in secondary vocational education (MBO) or senior general secondary education (HAVO). During their VMBO programme they receive educational guidance to help them make the right choice. 

From VMBO to further training or education

VMBO pupils can go on to further vocational training or further education, depending on their learning pathway.

Smooth transition to MBO

For several years now schools have been able to integrate the MBO level 2 programme with the top two years of the VMBO basic vocational programme to form an ‘uninterrupted learning pathway’. This experimental course is designed to make it easier for VMBO pupils to go on to MBO.

The government wants to extend and expand the experimental VMBO-MBO 2 course, as outlined in the coalition agreement, until 2022. The experiment allows more scope for VMBO specialist colleges where pupils take a large number of practical classes. This means that when students embark on their career, they already have some work experience.

Educational guidance

Pupils do not always know what they want to do after VMBO. To help them make the right decision, schools provide educational guidance to inform pupils about the day-to-day practice and prospects of particular occupations, and about the training required.

VMBO placements

In their third and fourth years, VMBO pupils spend time on various placements with companies and organisations in order to become acquainted with the practical side of work.

VMBO Carousel

The VMBO Carousel is a ‘taster’ scheme that lets pupils visit several different businesses for a day or part of a day. The aim is to equip them to make a more informed choice about further education or training. The VMBO Carousel does not count as a placement.