Replacing qualification documents in the event of a change of name or registration of gender

Is the name on your diploma, certificate or school report no longer correct? For example, due to a change of name or registration of gender? You can apply for replacement documents through Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs – DUO (education implementation service).  This could be a vervangend opleidingsdocument – VOD (replacement training document), a verklaring afgelegd examen – VAE (replacement certificate of examination) or an extract from the diplomaregister. These documents have the same value as your original diploma, certificate or school report.

Last updated on 4 August 2022

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The difference between a VOD, VAE and diplomaregister extract

To obtain a VOD, you must still have your original documentation. A VOD can only be granted for a secondary education certificate. Have you lost your original document or is your document is not a secondary education certificate? You can apply for a VAE containing your amended personal data. Or you can download an extract from the diplomaregister. 

Find out more about the different replacement documents available (in Dutch) on the DUO website. 

Applying for a VOD, VAE or diplomaregister extract

You can apply for a VOD, VAE or diplomaregister extract through DUO. You can do this using the diplomahulp function on the DUO website. 

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek, artikel 7.11a

Uitvoeringsbesluit WVO 2020, artikelen 3.51 en 4.33

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