What types of document for aliens are there in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands issues various types of documents to aliens, such as a residence permit (for a stay of over 90 days), an alien’s identity card or a privileged person’s identity card. People from foreign countries sometimes need a visa even if they will not be spending more than 90 days in the Netherlands.

Stays of less than 90 days

If you want to stay in the Netherlands for up to 90 days, you may require a visa, depending on your nationality. More information on short stay visas is available on the The Netherlands and you website.

Stays of over 90 days

If you want to stay in the Netherlands for longer than 90 days, in most cases you will need to have a special visa to enter the country, called an authorisation for temporary stay (MVV). You can then apply to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) for a residence permit.

EU/EEA and Swiss citizens (and their relatives) do not need an MVV. If a family member who is not an EU citizen wants to stay with an EU citizen, the EU citizen has to register with the IND. They may also need to produce proof of lawful residence in the Netherlands. The application form needed for this can be found on the forms and brochures page of the IND website.

EU residence permit for non-EU citizens

Aliens from a country outside the European Union who already live in the Netherlands can apply for a permanent residence permit. You can find out more about how to obtain a permanent residence permit for long term EU residents on the IND website.

You can find the application form for a permanent residence permit for long-term EU residents (pdf, 660 kB) on the IND website.

Alien’s identity card

If you have requested asylum in the Netherlands and are waiting for the decision, you can apply for an alien’s identity card. You can use the card to prove your identity and nationality and it is also proof that you are in the Netherlands legally. You can find the application form for an alien's identity card (pdf, 497 kB) on the IND website.

Privileged person’s identity card

A privileged person’s identity card is issued to foreign nationals who work:

  • at an embassy or consulate in the Netherlands;
  • at the Dutch branch of an international organisation.

Family members can also obtain a privileged person’s identity card. The card is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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