Can the municipality refuse to provide social support under the WMO if my income is too high?

The municipality is not allowed to set an income ceiling for social support (under the WMO 2015). It may however ask you to contribute towards the costs of the services and equipment that you need to help you live at home.

Your own contribution

Your municipality will decide how much own contribution you must pay for a service. This contribution is means-tested. That means it depends on your income and assets. The Central Administrative Office (CAK) decides how much you must pay for customised services, and also collects the payments.

No general income ceiling

Municipalities may not set a general income ceiling for social support under the WMO. If your municipality refuses you social support because you earn too much, you can submit an objection to it.

Costs lower than your own contribution

If the service or equipment that helps you to live at home costs less than your maximum own contribution, you will only have to pay the actual cost of the service or equipment.

Objecting if your application is refused

If your application for social support is refused, you can submit an objection to the municipality within 6 weeks.