How do I get social support from my municipality under the Wmo?

If you ask your municipality for support so that you can continue living at home, it must assess your personal situation. The outcome of that assessment determines whether you are eligible for social support (under the Wmo 2015).

Assessment of your personal situation

The assessment of your needs and preferences will be made together with you, and possibly also with your informal carer(s) or a member of your family. You can also have an independent client support worker present if you wish. The municipality must arrange this for you, free of charge.

The municipality must make the assessment as quickly as possible, in any case within 6 weeks of your application.

The municipality will first focus on what you can still do for yourself, and whether there are people in your social network who can help out. It will also see whether you are getting any care or support under other laws, such as the Healthcare Insurance Act, the Participation Act or the Youth Act.

Customised or standard services

If the assessment shows that you are not able to cope on your own or you are unable to participate fully in society and you cannot get all the support you need from your own network, the municipality must offer you social support under the Wmo. It can provide customised or standard services.

Customised services are tailored to your situation, and may include companionship or alterations to your home.

Anyone can apply for standard services, like a shopping service. The municipality will decide on your application without first assessing your personal situation.

Applying to your municipality for social support

The social support desk or neighbourhood social support team can give you information about social support under the Wmo, and help you apply for these services. You can also get help from your municipality’s free client support service.