Maintenance and cleaning of primary schools

As of 1 January 2015 school boards are responsible for maintaining primary school buildings on the outside. School boards are also responsible for cleaning.

Maintenance of primary schools

School boards are responsible for maintaining the outside of school buildings and for any structural alterations. Until the end of 2014 this was the responsibility of local government.

Cleaning of primary schools

Primary school boards are also responsible for keeping the school clean. They must have a cleaning plan that states how often the school is cleaned. Primary schools receive government funding to cover the costs of cleaning.

Improved air quality in primary schools

Children learn better in a well-ventilated building. Until the 2012/2013 school year, schools received funding to improve the air quality in their buildings. The Municipal Health Service (GGD) checks the air quality in schools.

At the government’s request the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is implementing the Fresh Schools project with the aim of achieving:

  • clean air in classrooms;
  • lower energy use (through insulation and ventilation).