Aims and effects of sanctions against Russia and Belarus

The European Union (EU) imposed sanctions on Russia in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The EU is also imposing sanctions on Belarus for its involvement in the invasion. Together with the other EU member states the Netherlands is responsible for implementing the sanctions.

Aims of the sanctions against Russia and Belarus

With these sanctions the European Union seeks to:

  • make it difficult for Russia to finance the war in Ukraine;
  • show the individuals responsible (such as the Russian political elite) the invasion of Ukraine has economic and political consequences;
  • make Belarus pay a heavy price for its involvement.

Consequences for the Netherlands

The sanctions are hitting Russia and Belarus hard, but they are also having an economic impact on the Netherlands. This is because the sanctions have caused major disruptions to world trade and increased uncertainty. 

Impact on businesses

Dutch companies can also be affected by the sanctions. One way this can happen is due to the ban on importing and exporting certain goods.

Businesses can contact the sanctions helpdesk of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO (in Dutch) to get answers to their questions, up-to-date information and free advice.