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Will the operator immediately see my number and location if I call from my mobile?

The location of calls placed to 112 from mobile phones will also be displayed to the emergency call centre. This is almost always ...

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What can I do if I can’t reach 112?

In theory, 112 is available at all times, but it is possible that you may have trouble reaching it. If that happens, there are a ...

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What happens when I call 112 from my mobile?

Calls placed to 112 from mobile phones are routed to the national emergency call centre in Driebergen. From there you will be ...

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What happens when I call 112 from a landline?

If you call 112 from a landline, your call will go directly to the emergency call centre in your own area.

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What happens when I call 112 for an ambulance?

If you call 112 for an ambulance, you will be forwarded to the emergency call centre for ambulance services in your area. The ...

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What happens if I accidentally call 112?

112 is only for emergency assistance. If you call the number for another reason, it is considered abuse (if you do it ...

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When can I call 112?

The emergency number 112 is for when you need urgent help, for instance when your life is in immediate danger, or if someone is ...

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Where can I lodge a complaint about 112?

You can lodge a complaint about the handling of your 112 call with the organisation that answered your call. If you called from a ...

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Can I also call 112 from abroad?

You can call 112 from any country in the European Union (EU), and a number of other countries as well.

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How can I avoid calling 112 by accident?

There are a number of ways you might accidentally call 112. Take care, for example, not to automatically press the ‘call’ button ...

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