Costs of primary school

In the Netherlands parents do not pay school fees for primary education, but schools may ask parents for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of extracurricular activities. Parents also pay for out-of-school care and lunchtime supervision.

Contribution to extracurricular activities

Schools often organise extra activities in addition to the regular syllabus. Examples include the annual celebrations for Sinterklaas and Christmas, school trips, swimming lessons and visits to school allotments. Schools can ask parents to pay towards the cost of these activities. The parental contribution is always voluntary. The parents in the participation council must approve the level of the parental contribution, and how the money is spent.

Costs of out-of-school care (BSO)

Out-of-school care (BSO) is care provided before and after school, on free days and during school holidays. Generally speaking, schools do not provide BSO themselves, but work with a childcare provider. Parents pay the provider of out-of-school care themselves.

Childcare benefit

Parents can apply for childcare benefit to cover part of their childcare costs. They must apply for the benefit to the Tax and Customs Administration.